When General Liability Is Not Enough... How to Properly Protect Your Food Trailer Business

We have been insuring mobile food vendors for quite some time. We know it can be tough to find the money for insurance that you may feel like you don't even need. However, if you have invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to launch your food trailer, don't you think you may want to consider quality protection? Here are some thoughts on what you NEED and what you probably should HAVE:


  • General Liability to cover your business operations. Venues and clients will request this if you are getting any kind of quality locations and gigs. Premiums are typically $35 per month for small operations. Make sure the policy has a Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement (we include this) so you are not charged every time you need a certificate of insurance. 
  • Workers' Compensation. If you employ, you are likely required by your state to carry workers' compensation. It's the legal thing to do and the right thing to do for your staff. Premium for operations with minimal staff can be as low as $50 per month.  


  • A commercial auto policy for your tow vehicle and the trailer to protect you against auto accidents. Realistically, what is more likely to happen, you getting sued over a cupcake or you hitting another vehicle or person?? Approximately 95% of the claims we take are auto related, not food related. It may cost a bit more than your personal auto policy, but is covers more and adds peace of mind. 
  • Physical damage for the trailer. If you have a loan the bank or lending party will probably require it. If the value of the trailer is high enough you should add this coverage for maybe an extra $30 per month.

Please contact us for a consultation of your current insurance situation. If you are starting a food trailer, we will be happy to walk you through your needs as well. Please feel free to use our glossary to help