Need A Certificate of Insurance ASAP?

When you get a request for a certificate of liability insurance, don't wait on an agent. With Insure My Food Trailer, you can obtain a certificate of liability insurance the same day. The food trailer business moves fast and so should your insurance agent/broker. 

The Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) is a document that indicates your coverage amounts, carriers and policy effective dates. A Certificate Holder is typically a client, venue or commissary who wants to be named on the insurance certificate to assure that they will be contacted if your policy cancels prior to the renewal date.

Typical Contract Language. "Certificates of Insurance. Certificates of Liability Insurance evidencing the required coverage and limits shall be furnished to Client prior to the commencement of any work hereunder and shall provide that there will be no cancellation or reduction of coverage without thirty (30) days’ prior written notice to Client."

Additional Insured status extends coverage to your client under your General Liability policy in the event that they are sued as a result of a bodily injury or property damage claim you cause while doing work on their property or on their behalf. If, for instance, your client is sued as a result of an injury you cause while you are at their client’s site your client will be defended under your policy just as you are.

Typical Contract Language. "Insurance required will name Client as an additional insured with respect to Client's insurable interest, will be primary or non-contributory regarding insured damages or expenses, and will be purchased from insurers of sound internationally recognized financial standing."

Some insurance requirements can be difficult to understand. We help our clients understand what is being asked of them and if they meet the requirements.

Need proof of insurance coverage? Request your certificate of liability insurance today. If you need a food truck insurance broker that can keep up with the pace of your business contact us before you miss that next urgent job that requires a COI.  

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