Secure Your Food Trailer

There's a lot going on in and around your food trailer on most days. As technology advances it is getting much easier and more affordable to secure your trailer. Because we insure so many gourmet food trucks and trailers across the county, we see all kinds of claims. Theft and vandalism are still not very common, but it does happen. Here are some of the ways you can increase security of your trailer to reduce the possibility of loss and possibly reduce your premium...

  1. Add cameras to your trailer. Surveillance cameras lets potential thieves and vandals know to stay away. It's not a cure all, but cameras should help deter losses. Not only does it help outside the truck, but it can help prevent employee theft. Most insurance policies will cover some employee theft, but prevention is much better for business. If cameras prevent one loss they will more than pay for themselves. 
  2. Make sure your commissary is secure. Most commissaries have good security with locked gates and even manned security 24/7, but asking around and making sure theft is not an issue at your commissary is vital. You commissary has their own insurance, but it may or may not cover you. If you don't use a commissary, be sure you are storing the trailer in a very secure location. Parking on the street on in your driveway is asking for trouble...
  3. Invest in a generator cage. Rather that having your generator in the open, think about adding a cage to your trailer. Is a very small price to pay vs. losing a generator to theft. Your insurance may cover the theft, but for the price of your deductible, you can add the cage and avoid a loss. 
  4. Limit key sharing. Make sure you control who has keys to your trailer and that not many sets are floating around. It only takes one time for keys to get in the wrong hands and your trailer to get into the wrong hands. It seems odd that someone would want to steal a food trailer, but it does happen. 
  5. Add a hitch lock. Please say you already do this... A hitch lock with not allow for the use of the hitch until removed by you. Again, a small price to pay for a device that could save you a fortune. If it does not come with the trailer when you purchase it, it should be the first thing you buy.

You're probably already taking some or all of these measures to prevent losses and claims. You invested thousands into your trailer, so please go the extra step to protect it. And be sure to tell us what you're doing to prevent theft as there may be discounts that you are not taking advantage of!! Have any more additions or comments to this list, please let us know. Stay Safe!