Rainy Day Driving Tips for Food Trucks and Trailers

Food trucks and trailers are already dangerous to drive... Think about it, you have large pickup pulling a 2-4 ton trailers loaded with cooking equipment, oils and gasoline. You have plenty to worry about with the best driving conditions. Here are some safety trips for driving during the winter and especially on rainy days. 

  1. Check your tire treads daily. If you can't grip the road, you can't stop. Besides preventing a flat, you need your treads to make sure you can stop and control your truck and trailer quickly if you need to.
  2. Check your wiper blades weekly. If you or your driver can't see during a downpour your looking at a disastrous outcome. Replacing wiper blades is much less expensive than replacing a truck or trailer and putting yourself and staff at risk... 
  3. Check wiper motors once per year. If your tow vehicle is getting older, you need to be sure the wiper motors are in good condition. Replacing blades is awesome, but they do you no good if they don't move!
  4. Educate drivers regularly. Your drivers may be young and may be newer to operating your truck. Have them practice hard stopping before sending them into the trenches. Use common sense and keep safe distances. Being late to a venue is better than missing it completely due to an accident. Always check driving history before handing over the keys, we can help with this.
  5. Wait it out! If conditions are really bad, consider waiting to take your trailer out. If it's that bad out, you're probably not going to have that big of a line, so why risk the drive for a little revenue. Wait it out and keep yourself and your staff busy with the million other thinks you need to do to keep your business running. You may also want to consider making arrangements to park the trailer where you plan on serving (when possible) before the rain comes then return when ready to serve. 

These are just a few tips. Common sense is always the best policy when driving in rainy conditions. Did we miss anything? Leave feedback or comments below. If you have any questions about protecting or insuring your food truck or trailer, let us know!